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Miniature American Shepherds

of Canada



This is a great opportunity to get involved with the club and share your passion of the breed while promoting it in Canada.

MASCAN members are eligible to nominate any member including themselves for any of the listed positions below. If you are interested in nominating a current MASCAN member or self-nominating yourself, please send in your formal nomination via email to [email protected] no later than December. 11, 2020. Nominations must include: the name of the nominee, the position nominated for, and the agreement of the nominee.

Once all nominations have been collected, there will be a vote by all MASCAN members to elect the nominees. Voting will occur between December 17-31, 2020. Single memberships are eligible for one vote per position, and family memberships are eligible for two votes per position. If there is only one candidate for any position, that position will automatically be filled by that candidate and this will be communicated to all members at the time of the vote. If there are multiple candidates for any position, candidates will be notified to create a small bio/statement of intent to help in the voting process.






-Director, Eastern Canada

-Director, Western Canada

-Membership Director

You can find the description of all positions under section 6.b) of the MASCAN Bylaws and Constitution here.


How-to instructions for applying for a Miscellaneous Certification Number (MCN) with CKC for pet owners is now available, along with a sample MCN application. You will find those documents on our "Membership & Registration" page HERE

January. 31, 2020

Update from CKC regarding IT related work delays


View the update here:

January. 15, 2020

Notice from CKC regarding delays in getting MCN #'s to enter upcoming events

Copy of letter from CKC explaining how to register dogs.


Dear Ms. Hartjes:

Receipt is acknowledged of your email addressed to Mrs. Bahorie and same was referred to me for a response.


If the sire and dam have each a Miscellaneous Number issued by the CKC, we will generate an individual application in order to register the puppy.


If the dam and sire do not have Miscellaneous numbers:

(a) Both dogs (dam & sire) must first be issued miscellaneous numbers by completing individual applications then, the litter must be registered.

Or, (b) The individual application must be accompanied with the appropriate recognized breed club registration certificate and or pedigree.


For dogs imported to Canada, the dog must be registered in a club recognized by CKC. A registration certificate showing the name of the current owner and a three generation pedigree must accompany the application.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Bahorie or myself.


Sincerely, Priya Bunsee