Miniature American Shepherds

              of Canada


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Copy of letter from CKC explaining how to register dogs.

Dear Ms. Hartjes:
Receipt is acknowledged of your email addressed to Mrs. Bahorie and same was referred to me for a response.

If the sire and dam have each a Miscellaneous Number issued by the CKC, we will generate an individual application in order to register the puppy.

If the dam and sire do not have Miscellaneous numbers:
(a) Both dogs (dam & sire) must first be issued miscellaneous numbers by completing individual applications then, the litter must be registered.
Or, (b) The individual application must be accompanied with the appropriate recognized breed club registration certificate and or pedigree.

For dogs imported to Canada, the dog must be registered in a club recognized by CKC. A registration certificate showing the name of the current owner and a three generation pedigree must accompany the application.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Bahorie or myself.

Sincerely, Priya Bunsee